Saturday, December 24, 2005

"eating shadows" by earnest slyman

Shadows are the chief export
of Brazil, Argentina
and Ecuador.

Organically grown shadows
have twice the nutritional value
than those canned,
affording more taste than shadows bought
at the grocery.

Wild shadows
caught and roasted on a open fire
replenished the nervous system,
repair vital organs.

For a long healthy life
eat shadows poached,
baked, broiled or boilded.

Eaten raw shadows, if chopped up
finely, add much needed vitamin A & B
and minerals, phosphorus, magnesium & zinc.

A bowl of shadows has only
seventy calories.

In Italy, shadows of the Vatican
are harvested, and many of the best chefs
in Rome have deemed it the new pasta.

The sweetest shadows
come in late afternoon shadows
or early morning.

Shadows should be eaten
with a spoon. Though they may also
be sipped through a straw.

A diet supplement, yes,
but as well a rich source of nutrition,
replacing breakfast cereals,
bread, low fat crackers, flours
and if used as directed,
may serve as pie fillings,
cakes, pastries and biscuits.


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