Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On relationships and "shallowness".

The difference between friendship and a romantic entanglement is first and foremost sexual attraction, and sexual attraction is in large part related to physical appearance. It is not shallow to take a potential mate's appearance into consideration, it is honest and intrinsic to the sexual chemistry that distinguishes lovers from platonic pals.

That said, and on a slightly different note, some people are naturally more predisposed toward certain things than others. Obesity may be more of a genetic bane for certain people, but the onus is still upon them to simply work harded to make up for it. However, while the obese person who makes a considerable effort to shed the extra pounds and to live a healthy lifestyle despite a demonstrated genetic disadvantage should be cut more slack, this does not make his/her fat rolls more attractive.

At present it is nigh impossible to conclusively pinpoint which factors most determine an individual's weight or abundance thereof. Until we can make such conclusions with vigour, the most productive attitude for most people is one which places the problem within their control and thus the solution within their grasp. Moreover, there is certainly a sizeable body of evidence to suggest that lifestyle choices really are the biggest and most heavy-handed (pardoning the pun) factor in most obsesity cases.

I try not to pass judgement on the work ethics of fat people, because there ARE exceptions to that rule, but no amount of benefit-of-the-doubt is going to make me find Jabba the Hutt sexy.

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