Sunday, October 29, 2006

snappy repartee: What you'd say if you had another chance.

" I am inexplicably drawn (in)to fountains. I am comforted by empty, silent buildings and the weight of a good blanket. I enjoy reading instruction manuals and filling out government forms. I am thrilled by the surreal and the absurd, and fascinated by the seemingly simplistic. The smell of musty basements, the sound of plastic beads being swished around, and the feeling of sneezing all give me intense pleasure. Easter gummy candies taste like gasoline. Commercials irritate me more in the morning than they do in the afternoon or evening. Vivid greenish-yellow makes my spine tingle with delight. I laugh often at inopportune moments. I'm terrified of growing old. I love the smell of my clothes after a campfire. I delight in acts of quiet sabotage. I revel in nostalgia. I am rarely bored. I love reading letters that people have lost, forgotten, or thrown away. VoilĂ ; c'est moi.
Expertise: Plentiful!
Occupation: Student"

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